Mountain Furrow 2013  Ausland (Berlin,Germany)

The Washi is made from the bark of Mulberry tree.
This is a piece that experiment the process of changing Washi back to a tree, then to a forest, then to a mountain.

The shape of the piece will be extended when the Butoh dancer will find the rope and pull it.
The human has moved the mountain, so that means human dominate the land.
But actually, the land that the human dominate, submerge him.

From the moment I went to high school, I started to move from a place to place.
Every place where I lived had an unique atmosphere, so I had to get used to these places and meet different people.
Every time, I wonder if I have been dominated by the land, or if I dominated it.

The mountain made from washi is approximately the same size of a human.
I wanted to know, if I take of the size difference, which party will dominate the other.

From a technical point of view, the piece is composed by two columns linked by a rope.
This structure allows the expansion of the washi mountain.
As a consequence, the piece can be folded and is easy to move from a place to another.