©Hitomi Ueoka

Garelie DA-END
17, rue Guénégaud, 75006Paris

For the fifth consecutive year, the Galerie Da-End gets together an ensemble of recent and ancient artworks, fruit of the labor of 39 artists, in order to constitute its contemporary cabinet of curiosities.

Turned into a theatrum mundi for the duration of the exhibition, the gallery space once more becomes the frame of our discoveries and immerses the visitor in a poetic and troubling world where the artists’ imagination reigns. Over the presented paintings, drawings, sculptures or photographs, a universal story about the cycle of life on Earth is unveiled. Growths, mutations, alterations: all the successive evolutions due to the natural course of things, but also to the action of man, are depicted both in a literal or allegorical way.

Exhibition from February 28 through april 25,2015